Thursday, February 13, 2014

Half's are My Whole

The oldest out of one and four;
Three are whole and I'm one no more.

Mom made three and Dad made two;
but we are four, there are no half's any more.

The three half's were never half to me,
they are whole and will always be.

My heart, my soul, my blood and bone,
with these three I'm never alone.

I love them with all my heart;
threw thick and thin we'll never part.

All though we only share a Mom or Dad,
I could never replace these whole half's.

     This is a short poem I wrote to express my feelings for my three siblings.  Although they are technically my half siblings I have never, will never, consider them as such and I know they don't look at me in that light. That is not just cause I am the oldest either.  I have watched them be born and grow up.  I have seen them through their ups and downs as they have helped me.  They are everything to me.  That is why " Half's are My Whole."

Friday, February 7, 2014


In my cozy cave, I wrap myself in things.
Not just blankets but my thoughts and dreams.
Here I can just be and do what I enjoy.
Create, learn and laugh or simply just relax.
My cave is just for me.
It may look welcome here.
Just know I rarely share.
So if you enter tred lightly and try not to poke the bear.