Friday, January 31, 2014

Perspectives of Me!

     The perspective of a photo can dramatically change how you "see" yourself.  As you can observe from the three photo's I have chose from class, perspective can be varied.  Look at the first photo taken through a fan.  The viewer's perspective is obstructed and the actual image of myself is barely noticeable.  I am only two feet behind the fan in full view to everyone in the room but from the picture the dirt on the fans cage is more noticeable than me. This is a very different prospective than the second photo.
     As you can see in the middle picture, this perspective is pretty straight forward.  I am in full view, smiling and relaxing kicked back enjoying the class.  Pictures like this are obvious but can also leave questions for the viewer.  Observers might wonder what I am thinking or about the details such as my tattoo's or even the shirt I am wearing. The questions for a straight forward picture pale in comparison to what can be desired in the last photo.
     The final perspective I have chosen is a limited and forced focal point of my face.  The photo shows only the right side of my face, part of my hat and very little background.  In the foreground the viewer only can see the hole I am looking through.   This shot draws the viewers eye to what the photographer wants you to see.  This trick is very useful and can be used in various ways.  It also changes how the viewer sees the subject.  Observers might question where I am, how the photo was taking (birds, worms eye or straight forward) and so much more; the questions for this perspective are endless.
     From these photos you can see that perspective can change how you or the viewer sees someone.  The perspective is your choice and it is an important one.  When your taking snapshots think about what you want the picture to express or what the photographer want the viewer to focus on.  Lastly remember perspective is a tool that can be used in many ways so have fun with it.    

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Venis of Urbino

     The other day in class we observed two painting. One of which was Venus Of Urbino by  Titian.  The painting to me represented how power and self-indulgence can overwhelm or even consume a individual to the point of blinding them to the world around them.
     As I analyzed the piece I saw a woman's nude figure, nonchalantly draped over what I would assume is her bed.  She holds a bushel of grapes in one hand while the other covers her most private area.  A small dog lies sleeping in a ball at her delicately crossed feet.  Her face has a seductive expression that seems to be directed straight at the viewer.  I also observed a women and small child in the background.  The little girl seems to be searching for something with the aid or to the dismay of the women.  Our muse seems not to even notice them or have a care in the world.  Such as the powerful often are.
     Her careless persona led to my curiosity of what was going on with the others in the painting.  Was everything okay? Was something lost?  What exactly where they doing?  Furthermore how could this women not realize or even bat an eye to whatever was going on behind her.  She began to look to me as pompous or drunk with power, not even registering anything that did not pertain to her.
     The smug yet seductive glare on her face really grabbed my eye.  It covertly demands attention.  It almost completely overwhelms the mind to the point where the onlooker forgets about those individuals in the background.  The only thing we know is that they look like they could use help and the nude women is not gonna help.
     This only proved to me that my initial feeling.  That the powerful often are blinded.  They sometimes can lose sight of everything around them.  People of power often become so self-indulgent that the world out side of their just dissolves into the backdrop.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Original Art

Other Traditional Tattoos

Welcome to my Blogg!  

     My name is Ryan.  This Blogg will cover the course assignments for my FYS class at RIC.  You will see a varied compilation of photos with responses, summaries and creative writing by me.   I'm very excited for this class, so stay tuned!

     The above photo is a drawing I created.  I chose this for my first Blogg to show that I enjoy art.  From concept and design to the finally product; I love to create.  This attribute is what I wanted to show, the point I wanted to get across. I hope you like the piece I chose and I have attached a site I often use for inspiration.